TIP - Tallahassee Internship Program

The Tallahassee Internship Program (TIP) provides juniors and seniors the opportunity to gain valuable work experience interning in positions throughout Florida Government. This is a spring semester internship where selected students will be placed in a Tallahassee office, including positions with the state legislature, governor's office and executive branch agencies, the news media and various associations and lobbying organizations. In addition to their intern duties, students take a course on Florida politics and attend a number of seminars featuring major political and policy actors in the state. The Bob Graham Center for Public Service assists in selecting participants of the TIP. For more information, UF students may visit the Bob Graham Center website or email Dr. Sheila Dickison at doctord@ufl.edu.

**Pictured above is TIP intern Kyle Soch at the signing of the Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act of 2018**