Job Opportunities in Washington, DC

Immediately following a Presidential and congressional election, there are many career opportunities in within the administration, federal agencies, and congressional offices.  The Office of Federal Relations has compiled a list of resources to connect UF students and alumni to the many opportunities available in Washington, DC.  

Working in Congress

Each member of Congress has several or more full-time staff positions depending on their seniority and committee assignments.  These vary from entry level staff assistant positions to high level professional staff.  At the start of a new Congress there is considerable opportunity to find a position with either the newly elected members of Congress who need to staff their offices, and many returning members of Congress and congressional committees who have job openings as staff move to new positions.  The successful job applicant often is a resident of the congressperson’s district, has subject matter expertise in the members’ committee assignment area, or campaign or other political experience, but it is not required. Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume to the House or Senate job banks, as well as apply for individual jobs directly with the Office of the member of Congress. Perseverance is often a key ingredient for success!

Federal Agency Opportunities

There are thousands of civil service positions available within the federal government.  A listing of career openings and applications can be found at USA Jobs.   Civil Service positions are available in every federal agency and at all levels of experience.  Each federal agency will have information on their own website describing positions that are available and background on the agency and department.  If there is a particular agency you are interested in working for, we encourage you to research types of careers on their websites.   On USA Jobs, you can filter federal government jobs openings by agency, position level, and who is able to apply for the job. From the list you generate, you are able to view job descriptions, how long the application will be open and required steps for applying.  One note, to apply for agency positions you will need to create an expanded federal resume, information on how to do this is available here and here

Political Appointments

Immediately following a presidential and congressional election, there are many career opportunities in Washington, DC. The incoming Administration will fill thousands of political appointments to jobs within the federal government, both within the White House and spanning all the federal agencies.  Jobs range from very early career to advanced. Successful job applicants often have a prior engagement with a political party or campaign, but it is not required.  To apply for Biden Administration positions, please consult the Administration's website.

A good resource to learn about the types of political appointment positions available is to consult “The Plum Book,” which lists more than 9,000 Federal civil service leadership and support positions in the executive and legislative branches that are subject to presidential appointment.  

Internship Opportunities

Internships are the ideal way for students to experience living and working in D.C. and get a jump start finding permanent positions.   Learn how to find internships in our nation’s capital and what the opportunity can provide as students begin their careers on our Internship Resources and Washington Internship Program pages.   

Agency Opportunities

Congressional Opportunities

Biden Administration Opportunities

Other Resources


NOTE:  Please contact UF Career Connections Center services if you have any questions or need assistance.  We hope to see you in Washington, DC soon!!  Go Gators!