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Our office and team members

As Director of Collaborative Initiatives, Andrew is tasked with the role of developing and enhancing the University of Florida’s collaboration and partnership efforts within our community to promote positive and meaningful impact throughout the Greater Gainesville area.  A key part of his role is to understand the needs and challenges that are of greatest significance for the community and to identify UF resources, initiatives and people that can most effectively support efforts to address those needs and challenges.  Opportunities to support the community across many different areas includes:

  • efforts to enhance educational opportunities;
  • improving food access and food sovereignty;
  • supporting community health and wellness initiatives; and workforce development opportunities … to highlight a few.

Currently, the Office of Collaborative Initiatives focuses its resources across three main areas:

  1. Collaborative efforts with the City of Gainesville and other community stakeholders to develop ideas, projects and initiatives that generate positive impact and build community capacity;
  2. Place-based initiatives that embed University resources, knowledge and people in the community and support community development efforts; and
  3. Strategic partnerships that have long-term goals to enhance our community through multi-stakeholder cooperative efforts. 

Andrew arrived at UF in January of 2019 after spending the previous 5 years establishing and developing the Innovation Office at the University of Gothenburg, one of the largest public research universities in Northern Europe.  An essential element of this role involved aligning the development of the Innovation Office with the strategic mission of the university and balancing the interests of traditional innovation impact indicators with the evolving role of public academic institutions in our modern society to develop more forward-thinking ideas about research utilization and impact.  As such, Andrew acted as both a leader and visionary for a broad and comprehensive support structure aimed at researchers, staff and students with the goal to generate social and economic impact from publicly funded research, education and development activities.

Andrew is honored to bring this experience to the University of Florida and the Gainesville community to enhance our community for all.